Screen Printing Services

Screen printing has dominated the clothing printing industry since the 1960s, when it was made famous by the legendary artist Andy Warhol. When compared to other printing methods, its versatility is unparalleled, allowing for an unprecedented breadth of product customization. Artwork given must be a vector or high-resolution, transparent bitmap for optimal results when screen printing. Setup fees, the amount of colors in the artwork, and the number of copies you need printed all play a role in the final price. Customers love this method for branding and personalized clothes since it is dynamic, inexpensive, and flexible.

Order Minimum

What is the order minimum?

12 pieces

Max Print Colors

How many colors can be printed?

1 color

Digital Artwork

What artwork can be printed?

We require a vector file (EPS, PDF, SVG, or AI).

Price Determination

How is the price determined?

The total amount of colors in the artwork and quantity of pieces being printed

1 Color Screen Printing

80+ Ink Colors

Custom PMS Available

30+ Ink Colors

Custom Mixing Available


10+ Ink Colors

Custom Mixing Available

Fluorescent Screen Print Colors


10+ Ink Colors

Custom Mixing Available

6 Ink Colors

Ink Reflects Light

Why Our Screen Printing Service?

If you require high-quality, colorful prints on personalized garments for branding purposes, look no further than Creative Customizing's premier screen printing services. We're leading the way in the field because we use both time-honored practices and cutting-edge innovations to bring your creative ideas to life. From initial concept through ink curing, our devoted staff expertly manages each stage, guaranteeing accuracy and quality. Whether you require screen printing for an individual project or a large corporate order, we can accommodate your demands at a price that won't break the bank without sacrificing quality. Take advantage of our expert assistance, quick turnaround times, and top-notch output to boost the profile and visual appeal of your business.  if you need help with any part of the screen printing process, our team is standing by at Find out why our screen printing services are the best option for personalized clothing and company branding.

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