Direct to film Services

Creative Customizing is excited to offer direct to film (DTF) printing, a groundbreaking technique for producing customized apparel and promotional items. Using this cutting-edge printing method, you may print your design straight onto a film, which will then be transferred onto the clothing using heat and pressure. Prints made using this method are exceptionally detailed, colorful, and long-lasting; they work particularly well with intricate patterns and multiple colors. DTF printing is highly effective on a wide range of materials, including 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and blended fabrics. Our DTF printing service is the best option for demonstrating your creativity, without breaking the bank. Whether you need a single shirt or a large run of products.

What is the order minimum?

1 piece

How many colors can be printed?

Full Color

What artwork can be printed?

We require a vector file (EPS, PDF, SVG, or AI) or a high resolution transaparent PNG file

How is the price determined?

The quantity and the number of locations you want printed on the product

Why Creative Customizing?

Choose Creative Customizing for your Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing needs and experience the unparalleled quality and versatility this technique offers. Our DTF printing service allows full-color, detailed designs to be transferred onto a diverse range of fabric types, both light and dark, ensuring the utmost vibrancy and durability. Whether it's for promotional products, customized apparel, or unique fashion pieces, our cutting-edge DTF technology delivers high-resolution prints that are as resilient as they are stunning. We understand the importance of individuality and brand representation, which is why we work meticulously to turn your creative designs into impressive prints. Reach out to us at to discover how our exceptional DTF printing services can help elevate your brand or personal style. Trust Creative Customizing – your reliable partner in achieving the finest quality DTF prints.

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