At Creative Customizing Embroidery stands as the most distinct embellishment technique we provide at. It's frequently requested for corporate logos and badges, allowing up to 18 colors to be intricately woven. Prior to embroidery, however, it's crucial to digitize your artwork. This process ensures that our precision-driven embroidery machine executes the right number of stitches in the correct pattern. The quality of the digitized design directly influences the end product's quality. For this reason, we charge a digitizing fee of $25 per design, and please note, the design size is unalterable once digitized. This embroidery method is ideally suited for items such as hats, polo shirts, jackets, and bags. Let us turn your vision into stunning embroidered merchandise with a personal touch.


What is the order minimum

6 pieces


How many colors can be sewn?

10 Colors


What artwork can be embroidered?

We require a vector file (EPS, PDF, SVG, or AI). 


How is the price determined?

The quantity of pieces sewn and the amount of stitches in the design.

Embroidery Pricing

Embroidery Blog

Written By: Garth Medors

Read Time: 4 Minutes

In the competitive field of customized clothing and logo design, inadequate embroidery has no place. Embroidery's dynamic nature has always fascinated experts in the field, and it will continue to do so in the future. Embroidery is the industry standard when it comes to company logos, and it will only improve as time goes on.

What is Embroidery?

Using a specialized machine and thread, embroidery allows for the fabrication of elaborate designs on fabric, making it a sought-after technique in the customized garment and branding industries. The modern application of this age-old craft has resulted in designs that are both beautiful and long-lasting, boosting the marketability of anything from work uniforms and team attire to one-of-a-kind presents and promotional giveaways. Embroidery adds a sophisticated, expert look that is difficult to achieve with flat or two-dimensional printing. Here at Creative Customizing, we utilize industrial-level embroidery machines to give life to your ideas in incredible high quality. Learn more about the classic charm and dependable quality of our embroidery services.

How Embroidery Works?

Although embroidery is a time-consuming procedure, the end results are well worth the effort. First, a logo or symbol is created digitally and then converted to a format that can be read by the embroidery machine Called digitizing. The digitizing procedure maps out the precise pattern to be stitched by converting the design's components into stitches. Next, the pattern is embroidered directly into the material using state-of-the-art machines, stitch by stitch, with high-quality threads that can endure several washings and wear. Each layer of the pattern is embroidered with a  variety of colors and unique threads. The end product is a high-definition textured pattern that may be used on clothing or accessories to make any item look professionally branded or personalized to your specific style. Creative Customizing embraces this method of embroidery because of its reliability and accuracy,  allowing us to provide you high quality consistency at a cost effective price.

Equipment Needed for Embroidery

The process of embroidery requires specific equipment to achieve precise, high-quality results. A professional embroidery machine, capable of handling multiple threads and delivering high stitch speeds, is the backbone of the operation. Digitizing software is another essential tool, transforming your design into a format the embroidery machine can interpret and execute. Additionally, embroidery hoops are used to keep the fabric taut during the embroidery process, ensuring a neat and precise stitch. There are many kinds of hoops that range in different sized and specific jigs for various garments like, shirts, hats, boots, and others. High-quality threads in various colors are also needed to bring your design to life. Different types of needles may be required depending on the material being embroidered. Lastly, a cruical element of embrooidery, stabilizers or backing materials are used to support the fabric during stitching, preventing distortion and puckering. Each backing is useful in there own way and getting a good understand of each will ensure your embroidry is long lasting and the highest quality possible. At Creative Customizing, we utilize top-of-the-line embroidery equipment to ensure each design is rendered with the highest level of detail and quality. 

Tips For Embroidery

Embroidery, while a beautiful and effective way to showcase designs, has a decent learning curve. Embroidery is a tasking process, but taking the time to understand your machine, threads, needles, and backing and crucial to provided a high quality product. Firstly, use high-quality threads that can endure the rigors of embroidery without breaking or fraying, we like the Poly Neon 40 from Maderia. Secondly, the design should be digitized by a professional to ensure each stitch is correctly positioned for the best outcome. Thirdly, choose the right needle size and type for your material to avoid damaging the garment or distorting the design. Fourthly, a stabilizer is essential in maintaining the fabric's integrity during the embroidery process, preventing puckering or stretching. Lastly, regular maintenance and cleaning of your embroidery machine will ensure consistent, high-quality results. At Creative Customizing, we prioritize these practices in our embroidery service to deliver premium quality and detail in every design. Experience the outstanding results of our professional embroidery services today.

Why Choose our Embroidery Service?

Select our exceptional embroidery services at Creative Customizing for your custom apparel and branding requirements to ensure a distinctive and professional finish. Our industry-leading techniques, coupled with high attention to detail, promise a flawless transformation of your designs into high-quality embroidery. The skilled team meticulously digitizes each design, maintaining the integrity of your artwork while ensuring precision in every stitch. Perfect for a wide array of products like hats, polos, jackets, and bags, our embroidery services add a touch of sophistication to your branding. Experience the perfect fusion of affordability, quick turnarounds, and impressive results that elevate your brand's image. Our suppport team is standing by to help with your next projoct, contact us at support@creativecustomizing.com  Opt for our embroidery services and understand why we are the go-to choice for custom apparel and branding solutions.

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