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At Creative Customizing Embroidery stands as the most distinct embellishment technique we provide at. It's frequently requested for corporate logos and badges, allowing up to 18 colors to be intricately woven. Prior to embroidery, however, it's crucial to digitize your artwork. This process ensures that our precision-driven embroidery machine executes the right number of stitches in the correct pattern. The quality of the digitized design directly influences the end product's quality. For this reason, we charge a digitizing fee of $25 per design, and please note, the design size is unalterable once digitized. This embroidery method is ideally suited for items such as hats, polo shirts, jackets, and bags. Let us turn your vision into stunning embroidered merchandise with a personal touch.

Order Minimum

What is the order minimum

6 pieces

Max Print Colors

How many colors can be sewn?

10 Colors

Digital Artwork

What artwork can be embroidered?

Artwork must first be digitized, which is a one time fee of $25

Price Determination

How is the price determined?

The quantity of pieces being sewn and the amount of stitches in the design

Why Choose our Embroidery Service?

Select our exceptional embroidery services at Creative Customizing for your custom apparel and branding requirements to ensure a distinctive and professional finish. Our industry-leading techniques, coupled with high attention to detail, promise a flawless transformation of your designs into high-quality embroidery. The skilled team meticulously digitizes each design, maintaining the integrity of your artwork while ensuring precision in every stitch. Perfect for a wide array of products like hats, polos, jackets, and bags, our embroidery services add a touch of sophistication to your branding. Experience the perfect fusion of affordability, quick turnarounds, and impressive results that elevate your brand's image. Our suppport team is standing by to help with your next projoct, contact us at support@creativecustomizing.com  Opt for our embroidery services and understand why we are the go-to choice for custom apparel and branding solutions.

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